Flight from Amaravati to Dubai is not far off

Good news for Vijayawada people. Dubai service is likely to start in another month. The Andhra Pradesh Airports Development Authority (APADCL) has invited bids to be issued on January 23 and issued till February 02. The airline, who has filed a bid for the lowest, will be given a chance. On February 11, a company that is bidding to open bids in the presence of airline representatives is selected.

The service will start in Dubai within a month’s time. In the past, when the service was run to Singapore, it was first to invite bids and then select Indigo.

Maybe on Wednesdays and Fridays …

The Dubai service is expected to run for two days a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Currently, international services running Singapore are running from Gannavaram on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That is why they are supposed to run on Wednesday and Friday.

Singapore is having trouble with visas. Initially half of the services were filled. At present 70 per cent are filled. Dubai does not have a visa like Singapore. Everyone in the US visa can go directly to Dubai. If there is a US visa stamp, there is no need for Dubai specially. Let’s go with it.