it's time for solar energy

Vijayawada will be the eco-friendly airport soon

Gannavaram Airport will soon be the first solar airport in Andhra Pradesh. A huge solar power plant has been constructed with 6 crores. This plant produces a megawatt power per day.

The plant is being constructed to use 70% of the electricity required for the airport. The plant works that have been in the last five months are now in the final stage. Already solar panels are already heavily set up.

This huge solar power plant is being constructed on the new terminal building at Gannavaram airport. Under the auspices of the Air Force, the Nawas Green Energy Systems Limited will set up this plant.

With this solar power plant, the airport can save up to Rs. 21 lakhs worth Rs 30 lakh each month. With the aim of completing the works by March 31, the work is progressing.

The airport, including the runway and terminal buildings, must have a total of 24 hours of electricity. That is why the power supply is interrupted and in order to make advanced generators available in eight seconds.

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